10.1     Dress Code

It is expected that members will choose to dress in a manner appropriate for the surroundings and atmosphere provided at the Royal Regina Golf Club. It is also expected that members will advise their guests of the attire deemed appropriate before the guests arrive. Sponsor or sponsors of an outside tournament must also advise their participants and volunteers on the club’s dress code policy.


All clothing, whether in the clubhouse, or on any of the Club's property, shall be clean and will not have tears, rips or fraying.

Workout clothing, running attire, sweatpants, t-shirts, cut-offs, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, camouflage, logo's that are offensive, tops that expose the midriff, etc. are prohibited at all times.

At all times, wherever hats are permitted they are to be worn with the peak facing forward.

Management shall interpret, administer and enforce the dress code policy and provisions and shall have the authority to refuse entry, service or golfing privileges of any member, guest or visitor where circumstances warrant.

Golf Course Attire:


  • Men's shirts need a collar or mock collar with sleeves
  • Shorts and pants must be tailored and in good condition
  • No denim allowed on the course, except for on the Driving Range


  • Ladies shirts need a collar when sleeveless, and no collar is needed when shirt has sleeves
  • Slacks (regular length and capri style), shorts and skirts/skorts must be tailored and in good condition – appropriate length will be dictated by current style
  • No denim allowed on the course, except for on the Driving Range

Clubhouse Attire:

Everyone is expected to dress tastefully in a manner appropriate for a semi-private golf club. Contemporary and fashionable attire is acceptable along with all attire deemed appropriate for the golf course. Clean and presentable tailored denim pants will be permitted for members and guests.

Gentleman shall remove golf hats, caps and visors when seating in the Dining room or Stanley Larkin Lounge except when in transit through the clubhouse.

Women wearing a fashion hat as part of an outfit are permitted to wear these specific hats in the Dining Room or Stanley Larkin Lounge. Tank, halter, spaghetti or strapless dresses are acceptable in the Clubhouse but not on the golf course, driving range or practice greens. This style of dress must be consistent with dining in good taste at the Clubhouse.

Authority:  Board motion 2014-52 – November 27, 2014

                  Board motion 2020-10 – May 5, 2020